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Dead Certain

At Uncle Jack’s funeral, Max discovers he’s the only person who knows Jack wanted to be buried next to his dad, not cremated. Max races against the clock to help out his uncle one last time … even if that means stealing the body.

Age: 8+

Published by Walker Books Australia, 2011

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Twin sisters, Bec and Lizzie, do everything together. That is, until Bec gets sick and has to miss the school hiking trip – the 13th Odyssey. Bec, with the rest of the world, is watching the Apollo 13 space mission. As the days unfold, these two events strangely begin to follow a similar path and the 13th Odyssey group also find themselves in a battle for survival.

Age: 9 - 13
Published by Era Publications, 2011

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The Bank Job

David needs a miracle for Flinders House to win the house cup. When he and his two friends discover their favourite bike track has been taken over as a building site, a plan develops to uncover the secrets behind it. Unexpectedly, the story behind the mystery building could hold the key for a victory for Flinders House.

Age: 8 - 12
Published by Era Publications, 2009

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Circle Mania

A story about crop circles in the news gives Jess and Maddie a brilliant idea. Later, they wonder if their idea was so brilliant when it leads the rest of the school to succumb to circle mania.

Age: 9 - 13
Published by Macmillan Education, 2007

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Charlotte and Me

This story is about a special friendship between Jack and Charlotte. Charlotte is from Paris and she goes to Jack’s kinder. They do everything together, but one day that changes.

Age: 3 - 4

Illustrated by Elise Hurst

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Chase through Venice

Marco helps his father show tourists the sights of Venice from their gondola. When a tourist accidentally leaves his camera, Marco frantically searches for him.

Age 4 +

Illustrated by Laura Peterson

Published by Windy Hollow Books, 2011

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Stories for 8 year olds

My story, Fitness Fanatics, is one of the stories in this collection and will be available on 1 December, 2014. Zack is the fastest runner in his grade until a new boy joins his class. Zack isn't happy when he discovers that Ben is faster than he is. This is a story about rivalry and friendship. There are other stories from Australian authors, including stories about a mysterious water horse, dogs with big plans, a fortune-telling dragon, poetry and elephants, a mouse rescuer extraordinaire, sheep on the football field, a bull ant emergency, a royal wedding for Nanny Piggins and a soup eating hero.

Age 8

Published by Random House Australia, 2014